Sheikh Zayed Mosque by Rashed Al Za’abi (2008)

Abu Dhabi, UAE

my kitten is crazy


pastel yums


Brick #interiors


Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2014-15

I enjoy the tag #winged beasties

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Cats with Mad Ninja Skills


I miss Friends being on tv

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We’re in the midst of a heatwave. This looks really good.

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(Hedgehog + Anteater) Cute = Echidna!!


Staatsoper (Vienna’s opera house). We took a tour of the inside and, despite not being at all interested in opera, it was amazing. The interior is beautiful, decorated in gold, intricate statues and gorgeous tapestries. And, because it was off-season, we were allowed to go backstage and see how everything worked. It was very exciting. 

I had this exact cake in Vienna! Hotel Sacher has been serving what it calls the ‘original’ Sachertorte for over 100 years. It was pretty damn good.


Death and Life ~ Gustav Klimt


The Kiss | Gustav Klimt

I saw this in Vienna. I love Klimt, and seeing his work in the flesh just reinforced that feeling. Absolutely beautiful.